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A Married Woman Adultery Trip x A Married Woman Hot Water Love Trip Collaboration #17 Side.A
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“Married Wife Affair Travel” × “Married Wife Yuko Travel” collaboration # 17_Side.A Director Takeshi Karaki I went on a trip with married women who had special circumstances. A collaboration tour with your husband! ? The end of a six-person trip with two directors and two couples ... ■ Nami (40) 17 years of marriage, 2 children, full-time housewife. ■ Momoko (31) 12 years of marriage, 1 child, super cashier. “The married woman who travels with other men is strange, and the husband who accompanies it is also strange”. The men who appeared at the meeting place were two married husbands! The journey between the confused directors and the married women with their husbands begins. Takeshi Karaki, who burns at the last chance to reveal Koichi Takahashi's nose, took a close-up photo on the day when trouble continued. * The work from the beginning to the inn length is recorded only for Side A due to circumstances. When viewing both Side A and B works, we recommend viewing from Side A.
240 min
#Married Woman, #Adultery, #Documentary, #Threesome / Foursome, #Over 4 Hours, #Hi-Def, #Trip
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