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An Emotional Girl / Dedicated Oil Massage (With Handjob Action) / Her First Big Cock Fuck / C-Cup tits / 142cm Tall / A Real-Life Music S*****t / Haru-chan (19 Years Old) Haru Ito
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"I feel like I can work harder than usual when I meet a girl who is so gentle and has a cute smile! With "motto", it's simple and it doesn't go away, but somehow there is an article and the way he speaks is polite. I like older things than chasing "Imadoki"! We gathered young girls with a young but astringent sensibility. Girls, videos and music will be made with a focus on "warmth", "handmade feeling" and "retro", so please support us from now on! Start in March 2020 [Emo girl. ] The 4th bullet is Haru-chan (19), an active music student, Haru Ito. For the second shoot, I went to Koenji and started with an oil massage in a room of a vintage mansion. At first I was grinning, but at first I started to feel (Is it getting drowsy)? The eyes change with the trojan. Originally a sleepy eyed omeme (not meant to be smashed) is even more messy. With the relaxing effect of the massage, Haru-chan's Korman, who is hot and juicy, is carefully and carefully fingered. The stage and the performers strike and change, and the shooting begins. The first big cock sex. Haru-chan of Gekikawa dressed in a pink Chinese clothes. First of all, it is the gentleman's manners to enter with a light body touch and soft kiss. Gently relieve the tension of the body that hardened like boiled shrimp. Take off your panties and lift from the back towards the camera. There was a shy Haru-chan with a bright red face. Haru-chan, who has a petite body of 142cm but loves more than anyone, is horny. An erection that warped back to Gingin with a tiny hand ● Haru-chan who urges to kiss with a momentum that stretches while stretching his mouth. Haru-chan looks like it would be very difficult to give a blowjob because her face is so small. It's a small body, so I lift it up lightly and push it up from below on an antique sofa. It's a small body, so you can lift it up lightly and do even more intense ekiben fuck than usual. "At first, I was just adjusting it a little, but I was hitting it," said the actor. Apparently he seems to have pressed his waist down without hesitation.
70 min
#Beautiful Girl, #Youthful, #Featured Actress, #Massage, #Huge Dick - Large Dick, #Hi-Def
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