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First Time Filming My Affair - Yukari Mikawa
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#Yurika Mikawa
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"I went to the entertainment world from the teenager to the entertainment world, and I did something like a small model activity. But I'm always living well since I got home with a marriage (laughs) "Mikawa Yuri-san 38-year-old and a full-time housewife who has a refreshing smile. She's mother of her child of her 15 years of marriage this year. Her beautiful body style, who has trained in small and middle and ballet and new gymnastics, and her still nervous her now. The master who shoots such a wonderful wife who shot the great spec Men is .... "No ~ ~ I thought it was fate at that time ... I'm married ... I love her daughter (wry smile)" Currently, there is no stimulation in the presence like air. You will have plenty of hot and thick stimuli so that her lizard her body does not dry!
124 min
#Mature Woman, #Married Woman, #Documentary, #Featured Actress, #Creampie, #Debut, #Hi-Def
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